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Another Day, Another Couple Of Scuffles At Steelers Training Camp

The Pittsburgh Steelers had their first fight of training camp Friday night and on Saturday there were a few more smaller skirmishes.

According to Alex Kozora, guard Ramon Foster blasted linebacker Chris Carter at the end of a passing play and Carter responded by taking his aggravation out on tackle Kelvin Beachum. The two were reportedly separated quickly.

At the end of practice center Maurkice Pouncey and nose tackle Hebron Fangupo also got into it, according to Scott Brown of Brown reports that Pouncey took a couple of swings at Fangupo before the two were separated.

The Steelers haven’t had a day off since Tuesday, so with these practices starting to stack up, it’s probably not surprising that we are seeing a few tempers flare.

Those tempers, however, seem to cool off quick as linebacker Vince Williams, who got into it Friday night with running back Le’Veon Bell, said Saturday that the two had already cleared the air with each other.

There are sure to be more scuffles on the way with eight training camp practices left to go. The team’s next day off will be Tuesday.

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