Steelers Rookie LB Ryan Shazier Makes Blount Statement During Backs On Backers

The Pittsburgh Steelers were to ever charge money to see the first backs on backers drill during training camp live on the internet, they would make a fortune. The annual first titanic clashing of bodies is the official signal of the start of the Steelers season and fans can’t get enough written reports about what takes during the drill.

While media first-hand accounts is all most of us have to go by, judging by several of those reports from the first backs on backers conducted Monday, rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier helped highlight the event.

Shazier reportedly faired more than well Monday in the drill against veteran running back LeGarrette Blount, who while he’s not known as a great blocker, is listed at 250 pounds.

Former Steelers offensive lineman and current radio color man Tunch Ilken probably had the best description of one of Shazier’s wins against Blount.

“Ryan Shazier, the No. 1, pulled a pass rush move I’ve never seen before. He head-butted LeGarrette Blount and then he spun in there and got home for the sack,” said Ilkin in a video post on his Facebook page.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was even asked to comment on how the Ohio State product performed during the drill at the conclusion of the practice.

“He did some nice things,” said Tomlin of Shazier’s efforts during the drill. “Obviously, playing to his assets with his speed and agility.”

As for Blount, he said that Shazier certainly got his attention.

“As a football player it’s in your nature not to lose,” he said after practice. “I just have to make sure I get him before he gets off the line. He’s a quick kid. Obviously, I’m not as quick as he is so I have to get to him before he makes his move. He’s really quick, he’s really fast. He makes plays.”

The Steelers hope that Shazier makes a ton of plays during his rookie season and he’s starting off training camp with a Blount bang.

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