Steelers 2014 Training Camp Day Five: What I’m Watching For

By Alex Kozora

We’ll put a final bow on Wednesday while giving a brief preview of a couple areas I’m watching for during the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday practice.

My compilation of stats based off yesterday’s play by play in 11 on 11. First, the quarterbacks. Only on one play did I not have a QB listed and couldn’t be sure of who it was.

Ben Roethlisberger: 10/15
Bruce Gradkowski: 3/4
Landry Jones: 5/7 1 INT
Brendon Kay: 3/4

Carries for each of the running backs.

Dri Archer: 5
Jordan Hall: 5
Josh Harris: 4
Tauren Poole: 4
Miguel Maysonet: 3
LeGarrette Blount:

Targets and catches for each receiver. Lumping them together instead of breaking it into two parts today. Makes it a bit easier to read. Targets first, followed by catches.

Antonio Brown: 6/3
Justin Brown: 3/3
Martavis Bryant: 3/2
Markus Wheaton: 2/2
Lance Moore: 2/2
Josh Harris: 2/2
Miguel Maysonet: 2/2
Derek Moye: 2/1
Matt Spaeth: 2/1
Will Johnson: 1/1
Heath Miller: 1/1
David Paulson: 1/1
Lanear Sampson: 1/1
LeGarrette Blount: 1/0
Michael Palmer: 1/0

Couple that with Monday, and your two day totals.

Ben Roethlisberger:16/27 1 INT 1 “sack”
Bruce Gradkowksi:4/10 1 INT
Landry Jones:9/14 1 INT
Brendon Kay:4/6

Jordan Hall: 12
Tauren Poole: 11
Dri Archer: 10
Miguel Maysonet: 6
LeGarrette Blount: 6
Josh Harris: 4


Antonio Brown: 11/6
Justin Brown: 5/5
Martavis Bryant: 4/2
Derek Moye: 4/2
Michael Palmer: 4/2
Markus Wheaton: 3/3
Matt Spaeth: 3/2
Dri Archer: 3/1
Josh Harris: 2/2
Will Johnson: 2/2
Miguel Maysonet: 2/2
Lance Moore: 2/2
LeGarrette Blount: 2/0
Danny Coale: 1/1
Heath Miller: 1/1
Kashif Moore: 1/1
David Paulson: 1/1
Tauren Poole: 1/1
Lanear Sampson: 1/1
Eric Waters: 1/1

Couple of quick notes for what I’m looking for tomorrow before I fall asleep into my pile of notes.

– How many reps is Landry Jones getting with the second team? Been hearing that he has gotten reps and my notes seem to suggest that. I’ll try and pay more attention tomorrow.

– How will the safety rotation shake out? It’s been throwing me for a loop so far. Hard to get a read on. Who will see first team snaps at free safety with Mike Mitchell still on the shelf?

Aditi Kinkhabwala reported she saw Ryan Shazier walk off with a limp. Mike Tomlin apparently played it off by stating he “just walks like that,” so we’ll see how he looks tomorrow.

– I want to get a more accurate read on the inside linebackers. Haven’t learned much about guys like Vince Williams or Terence Garvin. We’ll try tomorrow.

– Ditto with Cam Thomas. Want to get a better insight on the guy who is going to start the season at left end.

– Can Eric Waters take advantage of Rob Blanchflower’s misfortune? The door is cracked open. We’ll see if Waters can bust it down.

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