Mike Tomlin Post Training Camp Practice Press Conference Transcript – Day One

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media Saturday following the first training camp practice of 2014 and here is what he had to say.

Tomlin: Good start for us today. Good energy, enthusiasm, but you can anticipate that on the first day. More than anything, I just like the communication, the giving and receiving of information – coach to player – player to player. If were going to be what we desire to be, that’s going to be a big element of it. So really, just trying to foster that. Excited about getting started. We’ll go in and take a look at the tape and just continue forward. We got out of it virtually injury free. We did have David Snow, he went down with a foot or ankle injury of some kind. He’s being evaluated. Don’t have a lot of information there, but other than that, got through pretty clean and liked the effort.

Re: Best way to describe shape of Ben Roethlisberger coming into camp?

Tomlin: He’s ready, but he has that level of expectation. We have that level of expectation for him. But he did, he came in appropriately and he’s ready to go.

Re: Who is expected to step up leadership-wise with the young guys?

Tomlin: I don’t try to tell that story. That’s usually something that evolves in a very natural manner. Usually that’s personality related. Right now, I’m just worried about the quality of the play and execution at this point, and teaching fundamental and skill development. That’s something that occurs within a group of people over time as they establish roles and work through some of the adversity that these situations present.

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