2014 Draft

Steelers Still Hope LB Sean Spence Can Come Back Despite Addition Of Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier

The selection Thursday night of Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft might be taken as a sign by many that inside linebacker Sean Spence might not ever make it back to the football field.

During the post selection press conference, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert talked about Spence, who suffered a serious knee injury during the 2012 preseason finale of his rookie season.

“We got hope for Sean Spence to come back, but we can never have enough good players at any one position,” said Colbert.

During the press conference, Colbert talked about Shazier’s lateral ability and he was then asked if that was some of the same traits that attracted them to Spence in 2012.

“Sean had some of the similar talents,” said Colbert. “He ran in the four-five’s and so far in the coaching sessions that he’s been able to take part in, he looks great, he looks healthy and we hope to have him in the mix.”

Shazier is expected to start off at the mack linebacker position, according to head coach Mike Tomlin, who added that a few other players might be moved around. That likely means that Lawrence Timmons might eventually be moved over to the buck spot and Vince Williams might be moved to the sideline.

As for Spence, he is reportedly healthy and the upcoming OTA sessions will likely let the coaching staff know for sure whether he can fully make it back.

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