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Steelers Film Room: Martavis Bryant 2013 Touchdown Receptions

On Monday, we had a look at the drops that new Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant had at Clemson in 2013. Today, it’s only fair that we now look at his seven touchdown receptions from 2013.

Against North Carolina State, Bryant’s first of two touchdowns in the game were a result of the off coverage biting on his move inside. He easily splits both defenders and even has to wait on the ball from quarterback Tajh Boyd.

Bryant’s second touchdown against North Carolina State features him not only turning his defender around with an inside move, but him also going up and high pointing the ball with his size. This is really where he will be dangerous for the Steelers as he will demand a big cornerback’s attention.

Against Syracuse, Bryant takes advantage of a blown coverage and merely splits the cornerback and safety. However, it should be noted once again that he has to wait for the football.

Against Georgia Tech, Bryant gets a free outside release off of the line and takes advantage of the safety biting on play action. Yet again, he has to wait on the football. It’s only a 45 yard throw for Boyd.

Bryant really shows great body control on this back shoulder reception against Citadel. In addition, his effort and ability to get into the end zone is impressive as well.

Bryant’s last two touchdowns of his college career came in the bowl game against Ohio State and they were both short area fades. On the first one, Bryant gives himself enough room to run to the pylon with his split being about a yard and a half outside the hash marks. Despite a solid effort by the cornerback, Bryant shows great concentration and body control in coming down with the defended ball. Look at his footwork and final toe tap. Impressive.

There is no tip on the second touchdown and once again Bryant gets a clean release off of the line.

As I have mentioned previously, had Bryant played with a quarterback in college with a stronger arm, he may have had four more touchdowns and 10 more receptions. With the Steelers, he can dare quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to overthrow him. Bryant will need to become a better route runner and develop a better football IQ at the next level, but there’s really not much not to like about him when you consider that he was drafted in the fourth round.

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