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Update: New Steelers LB Ryan Shazier To Wear No. 50

Linebacker LaMarr Woodley was released back in March by the Pittsburgh Steelers but his No. 56 jersey won’t be packed in storage, as that’s the number that first-round draft pick Ryan Shazier is expected to wear.

New Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier will wear No. 50. Previous reports stated he would wear No. 56, but he was presented with a No. 50 jersey during his introductory press conference.

At Ohio State, Shazier wore No. 10, but after the Buckeyes lost starting senior safety Christian Bryant last season to a broken ankle, Shazier wore his fallen teammates No. 2 for the remainder of the season to honor him.

That wasn’t the first time Shazier has switched numbers, however, as he also ditched his No. 10 in favor of No. 48 for the 2012 game against Penn State to honor his childhood friend, Gary Curtis, who died of complications from muscular dystrophy earlier that year.

Below is a list of Steelers players that have worn No. 50.

Larry Foote (02-08)
Earl Holmes (96-01)
Reggie Barnes (93)
David Little (80-92)
Darryl Knox (87r)
Tom Graves (79)
Jim Clack (69-77)
Bill Saul (64, 66-68)
John Reger (55-63)
Stan Sheriff (54)
Melvin Fulwyler (54)
George Tarasovic (52)
Al Wukits (43)
Harold Hinte (42)
Nick Studen (42)
John Noppenburg (40)

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