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Mike Tomlin Not Seeing Things That Tend To Erode Away Rookie Minicamp Practices

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 rookie minicamp is currently in full swing and it sounds like head coach Mike Tomlin is happy with what he’s observed so far from the 50 plus players in attendance over the course of the last day and a half.

“Kind of at the midway point of our minicamp weekend and its been a productive weekend thus far,” said Tomlin after the Saturday morning practice. “We expect it to continue. Guys are doing a really good of learning some of the things that we’re asking them to learn and acclimating themselves to this environment. Really working hard and I like the energy and enthusiasm.”

While Tomlin and the rest of the coaching staff expect to see several mistakes over the course of this weekend, the Steelers head coach said he’s not seen many of the errors that could really erode away at a practice.

“Obviously we’re not perfect, but I think we’ve had a good practice environment,” said Tomlin. “Hadn’t been a lot of balls on the ground – center-quarterback exchanges have been solid – the defense has stayed onsides.”

After practice, Tomlin was asked what he mainly looks for doing the rookie mini camps.

“Just how people learn,” said Tomlin. “I think you gather information about people as much as you evaluate them. How they learn. How they learn in classroom settings. How they learn on the grass. Are they capable of learning from other’s mistakes. What they do with the reps that they get. Really, it’s a blank slate from that standpoint and we’re just gathering information about any and all of the guys, individually and collectively.”

The Steelers will have a Saturday afternoon session followed by another practice on Sunday before wrapping things up.

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