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Know Thy AFC North Enemy: A Look At The Browns 2014 Draft Class

We have already thoroughly dissected the Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 draft class, so now it’s time to look at what the other teams in the AFC North did. We already kicked this series off with a look at the Baltimore Ravens 2014 draft, so today we will look at the Cleveland Browns 2014 draft class.

1 – 8(8) – Justin Gilbert – CB – Oklahoma State

The Browns traded down with the Buffalo Bills and then back up with the Minnesota Vikings in order to draft Gilbert. I understand why they did it, but in doing so, they passed up wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Gilbert will now be expected to compliment Joe Haden for a long time, but thanks to it looking like wide receiver Josh Gordon might be suspended in 2014, this team really is thin at the position. You can bet that the Browns will be looking to free agency or the draft next year for a wide receiver. They got a first and fourth from the Bills and they will need those picks.

1 – 22(22) – Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M

The Browns gave up one of their third round picks this year to the Philadelphia Eagles to draft Manziel. All first round quarterbacks are boom or bust, but in my opinion, the risk is even higher with the undersized Manziel. Personally, I would have waited for another quarterback. It won’t take long to see if this was the right move.

2 – 3(35) – Joel Bitonio – T – Nevada

Bitonio will likely have to kick inside to guard at the next level. Keep in mind that there were still a lot of good wide receivers still on the board here as well. Bitonio better start instantly.

3 – 7(71) – Christian Kirksey – OLB – Iowa

This was a need and Kirksey can likely play inside or outside. However, there were still some decent wide receivers still on the board. I’m not a huge fan of this pick.

3 – 30(94) – Terrance West – RB – Towson

West will compliment Ben Tate, but he has a few miles on him already. Being as he’s a small school kid, you wonder about the competition he faced. On top of everything else, the Browns traded away a fourth-round pick in a very deep draft to get him.

4 – 27(127) – Pierre Desir – CB – Lindenwood

The Browns got Desir at right about the spot he should have gone, but with Gilbert and Haden now locked in as the starters, and Buster Skrine looking like he will be fine in the slot, the Browns probably should have filled another immediate area of need.

It’s probably easy to tell that I’m not overly impressed with the Browns draft. On paper, all six of their draft picks should make their final 53 roster, so there’s that. Picking up a first and fourth next year was mandatory being as they passed on Watkins. The Kirksey and West picks really don’t excite me. Of course this whole draft will be measured by what Manziel does. He will put butts in seats, but will his butt hold up to the style of play in the AFC North? I have my doubts.

What do you think about the Browns 2014 draft?

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