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Ryan Clark Responds To Antonio Brown: “He’s Not Smart Enough To Realize What A Good Teammate Is!”

You knew it wouldn’t take long for former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark to fire back at wide receiver Antonio Brown for the comments he made Sunday to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Clark, who signed with the Washington Redskins this offseason, has now taken to Twitter to defend himself.

Clark tweeted: “My family babysat for Antonio and my wife planned his son’s birthday party. He’s not smart enough to realize what a good teammate is!”

Clark would go on to say on Twitter that he’s not bitter that he wasn’t re-signed by the Steelers during the offseason as Brown suggested to the paper and that he’s not mad at his former teammate for putting his opinion out there.

This certainly escalated quickly and you knew it would. So where do things go from here?

While I understand where Brown was coming from with his comments, I wonder if he did any good by chiding Clark to the local media. Will Brown fire back once again? This will surely be a huge talking point next week as the major media really needs something to discuss with the draft still more than one week away.

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