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A Look At The Kelvin Benjamin Drops From 2013

We will continue on today talking more about Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and whether or not he should be considered as the first round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2014 NFL Draft.

I have already documented Benjamin’s touchdowns from 2013 and it’s only fair that we have a look now at the balls he dropped last season.

I went through each and every play by play sheet of the Florida State games from 2013 and pulled out the incomplete passes scored as going to Benjamin. After that, I viewed every one of those plays and made gifs of the ones that I thought could possibly be scored as drops or passes he should have caught. This resulted in the 17 plays you see below.

If you would, please go through all 17 of these plays and let me know in the comments how many you view as being drops. Also, let me know if this changes your opinion of Benjamin having awful hands.

As I have previously noted, in my opinion, Benjamin needs to work on coming back to the football at the NFL level and this should be able to be coached into him. Second, I think you will see that a few of these drops are a result of Benjamin not watching the football all the way into his hands before turning up the field. This is another area that I believe good coaching can come into play.

If you think I missed any plays, please let me know and I will go find it and add a gif to these below.

  • This is perhaps Benjamin’s first drop of the 2013 season in the third game against Bethune-Cookman. It would have been a tough catch, but one he probably wishes he had over.

  • This second play against Bethune-Cookman is real hard to judge based on this angle as it appears as though the ball is thrown behind Benjamin. It was close, so I will let you folks decide if should be charged as a drop or not.

  • This is another one that is tough to see thanks to the angle, but the announcers said it went off Benjamin’s chest. There was no replay to judge.

  • This is a high throw and a tough catch to make against Boston College, but I can see how a few might score it as a drop.

  • This is another tough one to score as a drop and I am sorry I cut the gif short here.

  • Here is a low pass that Benjamin should ave had against North Carolina State.

  • I can see how this deep pass against Idaho could possibly be scored as a drop. He appears to misjudge it and it goes right through his hands.

  • This is certainly not a drop in my book, but being as it is close, I will let you be the judge.

  • Against Florida, Benjamin caught nine passes for 212 yards and three touvhdowns. However, there were the four plays below. The second clip is tough to score as a drop and there was no penalty for defensive holding on the play as well. The other three need no explanations.

  • I will let you be the judge of these first two incomplete passes below against Duke. The third is obviously a drop.

  • In my opinion, this drop below was the worst one that Benjamin had all season. It just so happened to come in the National Championship Game against Auburn when the entire universe was watching.

  • Really tough to score this as a drop, but you be the judge.

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