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A Look At Justin Gilbert’s Seven Interceptions From Last Season

I watched a lot of tape Saturday of Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert and thought I would highlight all seven of his interceptions in 2013 for you when I was through.

Gilbert’s first interception of the season was a gift, but he gets credit for being in the right place to receive it. Gilbert recognizes the screen and breaks off of his receiver towards the play and the tipped pass lands right in his hands.

Gilbert’s second interception of the 2013 season came against West Virginia and while it looks like he might have been beat over the top in the first gif of the play, you will see in the second one how well he uses the sideline as an extra defender, and how he uses his big body and long arms to bump the receiver off his route. Look at the extension he gets on this play as well as he goes up to high point it. Very impressive.

Against TCU, Gilbert runs the receiver’s route for him and easily makes the play on the overthrown ball. This pass never had a chance to be completed.

Against Iowa State, Gilbert follows the receiver in motion pre snap. When the receiver stomps his feet at the top of his route to break outside, Gilbert breaks as well, cutting off the route. The late pass is easily picked for a touchdown.

This Texas receiver was never open right here and the ball never should have been thrown. Great hands here by Gilbert to pluck this one out of the air as if he was the receiver.

Gilbert has the inside all the way here on this go route and becomes the receiver once again.

Another instance here of Gilbert being in the right place at the right time. The safety does a great job of breaking on the football and once the ball goes off the receivers hands, Gilbert is there for the tip drill.

While Gilbert does have his warts, he has good anticipation to go along with great ball skills. He loves to jump routes, but has shown that he can also run with receivers on the outside. If he falls to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round, he will obviously be very hard to pass up.

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