2014 Draft

Greg Cosell Still Likes Kelvin Benjamin More Than Mike Evans

This time of year I always enjoy hearing Senior Producer of NFL films Greg Cosell talk about draft prospects during interviews and this past week he gave his thoughts on several of the wide receivers in this year’s draft class in an interview on The Bottom Line with Mike’l Severe.

Early in the interview, Cosell gave his thoughts on Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans and Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin and he said he likes the latter just a tad more than the former.

“Obviously, Mike Evans didn’t run very many routes at all but he’s almost a 6’5″, 230-plus pound receiver,” said Cosell. “Now, Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State, who’s 6’5”, 240, he ran far more routes in the route tree than Mike Evans. I’m sure some have Evans ahead of Benjamin, I happen to like Benjamin just a touch more because I think he’s a little more leggy, he’s a little more athletic with his movement.

“But they’d be very close. You’re not going to not draft Mike Evans because he only ran a couple of routes, just because he’s a physical specimen with terrific hands and probably a little bit better speed than you might think.”

Cosell has been pretty consistent with his thoughts on these two players as he also chose Benjamin over Evans in an interview with 93.7 The Fan prior to the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine taking place.

“I would probably like Kelvin Benjamin a little more, the Florida State kid,” Cosell said back in February. “I think he’s a little more naturally athletic and a little quicker than Mike Evans, and they’re relatively the same size.

“I think Benjamin moves a little bit more like a smaller receiver. But I would like Benjamin more than Evans, but again, we’re splitting hairs, but you have to. If you’re asking me who I’d pick if it came down to that, that’s what I would do.”

Cosell certainly goes against the grain by taking Benjamin over Evans and you have to admire him sticking to his guns after watching a lot of tape of both players.

During the interview, Cosell talked plenty about other wide receivers as well as a few tight ends in this year’s draft class and you can hear the whole thing below.

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