Former Steelers CB Bryant McFadden Weighs In On Recent Release Of Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

By Josh Svetz

While “The Ike Taylor Show” may primarily be a Pittsburgh Steelers discussion show, host Ike Taylor likes to touch on all sports topics, including controversies.

On Tuesday’s edition of the show, Taylor and fill-in co-host, former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden, did just that as they discussed the recent release of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, DeSean Jackson.

“That (Jackson) situation came out of left field,” said McFadden. “All of last year, when everything was going smooth I did not hear any reports about his work ethic or anything negative about him.”

McFadden continued.

“When I heard there was a possibility of letting him go because of his work ethic and his difficulties with Chip (Kelly), I said to myself, ‘Where was this coming from?’ If it was such an issue, this should have been something that was talked about once the season was over.”

McFadden does have a valid point there. Jackson has been praised in the locker room by his teammates and I also have never seen a report about troubles with his work ethic, as he’s been very consistent in the NFL so far.

McFadden then delved into the gang aspect of the reports.

“Then the gang related articles about him being affiliated with gangs in California, where did this come from? Then the Eagles agreed with the articles (about his gang affiliation), it was just surprising. Me, personally, I think the Eagles were just trying to justify him being released.

“He (Jackson) is a Pro Bowl player and a top five receiver in the league; obviously they needed a reason to release him. These problems should have been talked about during and right after the season. The one thing about the NFL is they will find the ins and outs about any player they want to, especially with the Aaron Hernandez situation going on.”

While “top five receiver” may be stretching it, Jackson was very productive for the Eagles and has gone to multiple Pro Bowls, most recently last season.

McFadden then gave his take on why Jackson was released.

“With that being said, it kind of put me on the thought process that they (Philadelphia Eagles) were being unfair to DeSean, because every person has their faults. I think it was his salary that caused his release.”

McFadden wrapped his thoughts up with an interesting point made concerning Eagles receiver Riley Cooper.

“I think Riley Cooper re-signing with the team led to Jackson’s release as well,” said McFadden. It’s funny, Riley Cooper uses the N-word, plays well and does some counseling, and gets a new contract, while DeSean apparently has a bad work ethic and gets released. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

This point made by McFadden I have personally not heard before and while salary could have something to do with the situation, Cooper‘s performance seemingly may have made it easier for the Eagles to make the call.

As for Cooper’s problems compared to Jackson’s, salary difference possibly affected the Eagles decision, but it is difficult to say for sure. Whatever the case, McFadden seemed to bring up some good points about a prevalent issue in sports right now.

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