Steelers Also Signed WR Hingle McCringleberry On Friday

Not only did the Pittsburgh Steelers sign former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Lance Moore on Friday, they also signed Hingle McCringleberry as well.

McCringleberry is Moore’s alter ego, a wide receiver that can’t control himself after scoring a touchdown and continually thrusts his lower body one too many times on his way to penalty flags.

Moore’s McCringleberry alter ego showed himself in the 2013 season finale following a 44-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Drew Brees against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In typical McCringleberry fashion, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called for excessive celebration and was assessed on Saints rookie wide receiver Kenny Stills. Stills wound up being fined while McCringleberry got off free.

If you would like to learn more about the back story of McCringleberry, you can watch the clip below from Key & Peele.

Happy Saturday, everybody!
Hingle McCringleberry Lance Moore Touchdown Dance New Orleans Saints

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