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New Steelers WR Lance Moore Will Wear No. 16

lance-moore-16During his first eight seasons in the league with the New Orleans Saints, new Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lance Moore has worn jersey No. 16 and he announced Friday on Twitter that he’ll be able to continue to wear that number with the black and gold.

Former Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch was the last player to wear No. 16 as he donned it from 2002-2012. Prior to Batch wearing it, however, you have to go all the way back to 1996 to find a Steelers player that wore that number. That player was quarterback Jim Miller.

Below is a quick rundown of all the players that have worn No. 16 in the history of the Steelers franchise.

Steelers Players That Have Worn No. 16

Charlie Batch (2002-2012)

Jim Miller (1994-1996)

Mark Malone (1980-1987)

Neil Graff (1976-1977)

Dock Mosley (1969)

Ken Hebert (1968)

Tommy Wade (1964-1965)

John Green (1960)

Len Dawson (1957-1959)

Dave Andrzojewski (1956)

Gonzales Morales (1947-1948)

Allan Donelli (1942)

Carroll Raborn (1936-1937)

Clarence Janercek (1935)

Ben Ciccone (1935)

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