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Plaxico Burress Not So Sure That He Will Ever Play Again

Exactly one month ago, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress told a fan on Twitter that he will “indeed” be back in 2014, but in a radio interview last week with Jim Rome on radio row at the Super Bowl, the former first-round draft pick didn’t sound so sure that he’d ever play again.

“I’m about four and a half months out of rehab, and I’m about for or five months until making a full recovery,” said Buress, when asked about where he’s currently at in his rehab from a torn rotator cuff that he suffered last year in training camp. “So I’m going to make the best decisions for me.

“I don’t want to subject myself to further injury trying to go out and prove something to everybody that I came back from this injury. The goal is to prove to myself first that I can go out and have some success and be successful, and not further hurt myself.”

Burress will again be an unrestricted free agent come March and will turn 37 in August. When you consider that he, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady would likely be the oldest offensive players in the league next season, that doesn’t bode well for him and especially since he is coming off of an injury.

So does Burress feel cheated if his career is finally over? It doesn’t sound like it.

“I’m at peace. I’m satisfied,” Burress told Rome. “If I never play a down again, I’ve done some great things in this business and I’ve been to the pinnacle of my profession. Those are some of the thinks that nobody can ever take away from me and it feels good.”

In somewhat related news, the website TMZ reported on Tuesday that Burress recently uloaded his 6,872 square-foot mansion in Lighthouse Point, FL via a short sale for half of what he paid for it back in September 2005.

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