2014 Salary Cap

John Clayton Says 2014 Salary Cap Now Projected To Rise To $132 Million

It appears as though the Pittsburgh Steelers are continuing to gain salary cap space by not doing anything.

According to John Clayton of ESPN on Twitter, the projection for the 2014 salary cap is now at $132 million, according to a source of his.

Earlier in the week, Adam Shefter reported he had heard that the projected salary cap would be $130 million, which would be nearly four million more than the earlier offseason projections of $126.3 million.

The Steelers currently sit with a rule of 51 number of roughly $138.75 million and that includes the carryover of unused cap space from the 2013 season. Should Clayton’s $132 million number hold up, that would of course would mean the Steelers won’t have much work to do in order to get compliant.

The Steelers are expected to release tackle Levi Brown prior to the start of the new league year and that move alone would clear $6.25 million in cap space. A quick restructure of wide receiver Antonio Brown‘s contract can free up almost $4 million more in cap space and have the team well within compliance at that point.

These won’t be the only moves of course, but as you can clearly see, the Steelers aren’t anywhere close to being in the salary cap hell that so many of the experts and fans predicted they would be. Of course I tried to tell you this months ago.

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