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Derek Moye Says Recent Workout In California With Ben Roethlisberger Went Well

Last week we passed along word that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was out in Southern California getting some on-the-field work in with a few draft hopefuls in addition to young wide receivers Markus Wheaton and Derek Moye. Now, thanks to interview with Moye by Chris Bradford of the Beaver County Times, we know a little bit more about what went on.

According to Moye, Roethlisberger requested not only his presence for the informal workout, but the presence of Wheaton and Justin Brown as well.

“It went well,” Moye said, according to Bradford. “It was a chance to get out there and catch some balls from him [Roethlisberger] on the field but we didn’t do that all day, we were able to get to know each other a little bit better as well.”

As Bradford also reports, the training sessions took place in Irvine, Calif., home of Rep 1 Sports, where Roethlisberger’s representation is headquartered. As previously mentioned Velocity Sports Performance is also located in Irvine and that explains why several draft hopefuls, several of whom are presumably Rep 1 Sports clients, were also present.

We don’t know for sure if Roethlisberger flipped the bill to fly his young wide receivers out to California, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he did. Regardless of who paid for what, it’s good to see the veteran quarterback be able to get some work in with his young teammates, even if it wasn’t very much.

As the great Paul Harvey always used to say at the end of his reports, “And now you know … the rest of the story.”

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