Why The Steelers Should Be Glad They Aren’t In The Playoffs

By Michael K. Reynolds

This year the Pittsburgh Steelers missed out on their miracle of making the NFL playoffs by the slimmest of margins.

In the end it was a barely missed field goal by Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop that destroyed the 2013 dreams of many a Black and Gold fan.

But now it’s over, the Steelers and their fans should be glad they didn’t make it to the postseason. Because it means the NFL hasn’t ruined the playoffs…yet.

There has been much talk about lowering the competitive bar of the league and allowing more teams to qualify for postseason play. Why? Those in favor say it will allow the torch of hope to burn longer for the fans of sub-par teams. The capitalist-leaning proponents say it will fill stadiums more to capacity and award advertisers with more bang for their buck.

What do the purists say? The true lovers of the sport?

Don’t do it. Take your money-grubbing hands off of that button and back away. You’ve got the best viewing sport in America. Don’t blow it NFL.

The Steelers were a team that started 0-4 and remained in playoff contention even when they had a record of 5-8. The fact they even had a chance to make it borders on ridiculous.

Take it from one of this year’s losers. We didn’t make the playoffs because we didn’t deserve the honor.

And next year, when we’re back in the post-season and working to add some more shine to the Rooney’s trophy cabinet, we want it all to mean something.

The tougher it is to make the post-season, the greater the thrill of the regular season. It’s painful to be left out. But, the playoffs are for winners. A showcase of the league’s elite.

Let’s keep it that way.

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