Steelers Versus Ravens – First Half Notes And Observations – Week 13

By Matthew Marczi

  • The decision to run on third and 12 in the beginning of the game seemed stupid at first, until you noticed the way the Ravens were lined up on defense. It was tempting to run through that hole. And it was probably closer to working than you’d think.
  • Mat McBriar had his best game so far…not that anyone cares.
  • The officials likely gave William Gay a break on the first play because of how underthrown the ball was. Jacoby Jones actually needed to come back to the ball. Gay turned to play the ball at the end, which saved him.
  • Seems as though Will Allen should have had the underneath coverage on Torrey Smith on the long completion. They should know Joe Flacco loves to go deep.
  • The Ravens hardly blocked Jason Worilds on his first sack.
  • Troy Polamalu bailed on his middle coverage responsibility on third and goal to cover Dallas Clark, toward whom Lawrence Timmons was also going to cover. He likely should have been there in front of Smith in the end zone on the score.
  • Antonio Brown showed a lot of effort to convert the Steelers’ first first down of the game, nearly being dragged down by Lardarius Webb.
  • Once again, Terence Garvin got some more playing time. This is the role Sean Spence likely would be filling right now.
  • Garvin and Worilds got caught inside on a Bernard Pierce run to the outside for a first down.
  • It was Brandon Stokley converting the Ravens’ first two third-and-longs before he left with an injury.
  • But don’t worry, they had no trouble converting without him either.
  • The Ravens punted once, by the way.
  • The one run out of the Wildcat by Le’Veon Bell was one of the most patient that I’ve seen from him.
  • Ben Roethlisberger really was off-target for much of the first half, even on completed passes.
  • His third and nine completion under pressure to Emmanuel Sanders was a great play by both players, however.
  • The false start penalty on David DeCastro was his first penalty of the season.
  • At least give Shaun Suisham credit for trying to salvage the play, even though he actually made matters worse.
  • Worilds’ work against the run was actually more impressive than his rushing the passer in this game.
  • The one thing about Ike Taylor you can never say is that he lets bad plays get to him. He plays the same way no matter what just happened. Even though he got exposed some again this week—although it wasn’t quite as bad as it seemed live—his two pass break ups in the end zone were excellent, excellent plays.
  • That first deflection was aided by a nice rush up the middle by Worilds, who may have helped rush the delivery.
  • It’s a wonder Michael Oher doesn’t get flagged for false starts at least three times every game.
  • Worilds’ second sack of the game was far more impressive than the first. He cleanly beat Oher on one of the few snaps he didn’t false start around the edge with his speed. He went for the ball, and he got the ball. Too bad somebody else in yellow pants didn’t get the ball on the ground. Could have been a momentum swing there.
  • I think Jonathan Dwyer relished that one opportunity to return a shallow kickoff.
  • More inaccuracy by Roethlisberger led to a three and out. If he hit Sanders in stride on third down he may have been able to get the first down.
  • Great job by Ziggy Hood to read screen and follow the back, tackling him for a gain of just one.
  • Of course the Ravens gave up on the drive after Oher’s false start, with Flacco spiking the ball like a child.
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