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Report: Some Nobody Says Mike Tomlin Is In Play For Texas Head Coach Job

Chip Brown, a writer for, which is part of the Rivals Network of sites, was a guest on Fox Sports Live Tuesday night and according to him, current University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban isn’t the only big name in play to possible become the next head coach of the University of Texas.

Brown stated that Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin are names now being linked to the school.

I don’t believe this for one second, but it is my duty to pass this along to you. In fact, this is the first time I have ever heard of Brown. I didn’t see the segment, but I will add the video to this post if it becomes available.

“I’ve been told they’re going to aim for a coach who’s won a national championship or a Super Bowl,” said Brown in his interview. “And I think Nick Saban’s at the top of the list. I think Urban Meyer would probably be second. I’ve heard maybe Mike Tomlin could be approached in this. And then I think you have to look at guys like David Shaw, even though he hasn’t won a national title, and Jim Harbaugh. Both had success at Stanford and school president Bill Powers is a Cal graduate and wants Texas to be seen in the same academic light as Cal and Stanford.”

I doubt seriously that Tomlin has interest in the Texas job that isn’t even open yet as Mack Brown is still currently the head coach. They might have interest in Tomlin, but even if that were true, I think it ends right there.

I could see Texas making a play for an established college coach like Saban and perhaps even Meyer, Harbaugh and Shaw, but not Tomlin.


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