2014 Salary Cap

Early Projections Have 2014 NFL Salary Cap At $126.3 Million

It has long been expected that the 2014 NFL salary cap number would remain somewhat flat and on Wednesday, Albert Breer of the NFL Network reported that the early projected cap number for next season is $126.3 million, which would be an increase of $3.3 million over 2013.

This is certainly good news for the Pittsburgh Steelers and hopefully that number will jump a little bit more like it did last year, before it is finalized.

Currently, the Steelers would be a little more than $9 million over the projected $126.3 million cap number based on the 42 players presently under contract for next season. They will also be able to roll over any left over cap space from 2013 and right now that number amounts to nearly $1.4 million.

Keep in mind that tackle Levi Brown will be released almost immediately after he is deemed healthy, so that will free up an additional $6 million in salary cap space as soon as that happens and that space will be used to fill out the rest of the top 51 rule.

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