Steelers Versus Bills Winners And Losers

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat to the Buffalo Bills 23-10 Sunday and below is my list of winners and losers from the game. Feel free to add your own in the comments below.


Antonio Brown – Brown continues to be the Steelers most productive player on offense and he caught another six passes for 104 yards Sunday against the Bills. In addition, Brown also added two nice punt returns totaling 74 yards with a long of 50.

William Gay – Gay led the team in tackles with 11 total and four of them were excellent run stops that went for 3, 3, -1 and -1 yards respectively. While he did have the early pass interference penalty early in the game, he more than made up for it.

Jonathan Dwyer – Dwyer continues to make the most of his limited playing time and against the Bills he had six carries for 38 yards. Four of those runs produced first downs.

Mike Adams – We will see what the all-22 tape shows us, but more than anything I want to give credit to Adams for two solid run blocks in the game. One of them was a pancake on the Le’Veon Bell touchdown and it was a thing of beauty.


Heath Miller – Miller only caught one pass on five targets and once again his run blocking was severely lacking. He is most definitely not back to 100% just yet and this team really needs Matt Spaeth back soon in order to give him a few more snaps off during games.

Ben Roethlisberger – Maybe the wind had a little bit to do with it, but Roethlisberger wasn’t sharp at all with several of his throws. A few were low and the early interception was a result of him not looking off the safety. In addition, Roethlisberger was a bit careless with the football in the pocket a few times, but luckily it didn’t result in a turnover.

Fernando Velasco – Not a great game up the middle by Velasco up the middle as he gave up a few easy pressures and slipped off of several run blocks.

Jarvis Jones – Outside of his fourth quarter sack that he beat a running back on and another pressure, Jones was pretty much non existent in this game. He gave up the outside edge at least twice and his unnecessary roughness to start the second half got him an earful from head coach Mike Tomlin.

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