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Tomlin Excited About Acquiring Brown; Says Left Tackle Plays Has Been Below The Line

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently trying to finalize a trade with the Arizona Cardinals that will land them left tackle Levi Brown, who was a former first-round draft pick in 2007. The need for Brown is an obvious one as second-year offensive lineman Mike Adams hasn’t played well at all to start the season.

Head coach Mike Tomlin was asked to comment on the play at left tackle so far this season following Wednesday’s bye week practice.

“We’ve gotten below the line work and that’s the reality of it,” Tomlin said. “It needs to be above the line and we’ll turn over any stones in order for that to happen.”

With Brown still not officially in the fold, Tomlin was still asked to speculate on what his addition to the team might mean and how he will be used moving forward.

“We’re going to wait and see,” said Tomlin. “Obviously, his ability to take in and learn information is going to be an element of it. Also, obviously, the deal isn’t finalized yet. I understand he’s on the street, he’s in transit on his way here. I reserve all comments until it’s appropriate. Obviously, excited about potentially acquiring a veteran offensive lineman.”

Due to the team now being off for the next several days, Brown will not be able to practice until Monday.

As for Adams, he knows Brown is on the way and understands why the move was made.

“It’s a business,” Adams said, according to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “If we’re not getting the job done, they have to do what they have to do. I’ll just continue to try to get better and keep competing.”

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