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Timmons Says Pryor TD Run Was On Him

During a Monday night interview with Pittsburgh Steelers sideline reporter Craig Wolfley, linebacker Lawrence Timmons took responsibility for not properly defending the 93-yard touchdown run Sunday by Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor on the first play from scrimmage.

“That was on me, for sure,” Timmons said. “I was so zoned in on the dive (Pryor’s fake to running back Darren McFadden). That’s definitely a play I should have made. I’m supposed to scrape outside and make that play.

“I felt terrible. I want to be a player who makes the play for our guys, so that’s on me. Troy (Polamalu), any of those other guys weren’t in position (to make the play on Pryor) because they were expecting me to do my job.”

This admission will certainly upset the LaMarr Woodley witch hunters and being as this interview took place Monday night, nobody can be accused of throwing anybody under the bus.

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