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Todd Haley Walks Into A Bar…

According to Deadspin, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley had a minor run-in with a few individuals at the Crowne Plaza hotel bar near Upper St. Clair, PA Saturday night.

Haley, who was enjoying a beer at the bar, was spotted by a group of individuals and one of them proceeded to ask for his autograph on a bar napkin. Haley obliged and signed the napkin with his name and the phrase; “Go Steelers!” “Chiefs Suck! The reason he signed it that way was because the individual let him know his fiancée’s dad is a big Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Later, another member of the group arrived and apparently already had too much to drink. That individual started heckling Haley, who then asked security to remove the group. During the run-in, Haley supposedly used the word “gay”.

Now, this is one of those instances where we really don’t know what happened and being as there is no video proof, it is just one person’s word versus another. Haley has every right to have a beer in a bar after work even if it is the night before a game.

Haley was with a woman at the bar and we can only assume that it was his wife. If it wasn’t his wife, we can only assume that the Steelers offensive coordinator was scouting the bar looking for a tight end.

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