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New Steelers Rule: Young Players Can’t Play Pool Or Ping Pong During Business Hours

The veteran Pittsburgh Steelers players have apparently had their meeting following an 0-2 start to the season and as a result, the younger players have a few new rules that they must abide by in the locker room.

According to Jory Rand of KDKA, Steelers players with less than four years of NFL experience can no longer play pool or ping pong in the locker room during business hours. Rand also reports that at one point there were signs posted all around the locker room announcing the new rule.

The veterans are obviously trying to let the younger players on the roster know that they haven’t earned the right to play in the locker room during business hours. Instead, they want them focused on the task ahead, which is winning Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.

There are sure to be some quotes to come out about the recent locker room change in the next day or so and I for one can’t wait to read them.

For now, no reindeer games for the young reindeer.

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