Steelers Will Set A Super Bowl Era Franchise Record Next Sunday If They Fail To Get A Turnover

The Pittsburgh Steelers failed to create a defensive turnover for a third straight game Sunday night in their 40-23 loss to the Chicago Bears and the last time they accomplished that feat was during the 2009 season during the stretch that they were supposed to be unleashing the hell.

In the Super Bowl era, the Steelers have never gone four straight games without getting a turnover, so that is a record they certainly won’t want to set next Sunday in London against the Minnesota Vikings, who have given the ball away 10 times in their first three games.

The Steelers defense seems to be applying more pressure on opposing quarterbacks thus far this season, but they only have three sacks to show for their efforts.

As I pointed out last week, the Steelers are 51-4 dating back to 2004 when they merely win the turnover battle. After giving the ball away to the Bears five times Sunday night, they now sit minus nine in the turnover differential department and that ties them for last in the league in that stat with the New York Giants.

Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau was asked last week about the lack of turnovers and you can bet he will be asked about it again should he talk to the media while in London. Playing from behind doesn’t help the defense, but it’s not like they haven’t forced turnovers in previous years when they were in similar situations.

Something or someone has to give soon when it comes to turnovers as the Steelers defense certainly isn’t taking.

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