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Plaxico Burress Is Satisfied With His Accomplishments If He Never Plays Again

The Pittsburgh Steelers showed that they had a lot of faith in veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress early in the offseason as they signed him to a one-year deal right at the start of the 2013 free agency signing period. Now, at 36 years of age and having to overcome a torn rotator cuff that he suffered during training camp, Burress is unsure if he will ever play again.

“I view it as I played in this business for an extended amount of time,” said Burress in an interview this past week with “I have done some great things and if I never play again I am satisfied with what I have been able to accomplish and the relationships I have built over that time. I never thought I would be where I am today, 14 years later. It’s all been a blessing.”

Following the 2013 season, the Steelers will head into the offseason with just three wide receivers under contract for 2014 as both Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery will both be unrestricted free agents. While there’s a chance Cotchery could return again for one more season, the Steelers will unlikely want to carry two 30 plus receivers on their roster.

Burress will turn 37 next August and had he made the final 53 man roster this year; he would have only been a part-time player and used situationally.

While it is unfortunate that Burress more than likely won’t go out on his own terms, at least he can continue to contribute this season by mentoring the Steelers young wide receivers along with Cotchery, should he choose to remain around the team. Maybe, just maybe, that mentoring will lead to the Steelers winning another Super Bowl and Burress receiving another Super Bowl ring for his contributions.

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