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La Canfora Thinks The Patriots Might Want To Trade For Sanders

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is at it again. Sunday morning, La Canfora tweeted that If the Pittsburgh Steelers keep struggling, he thinks the New England Patriots will call about wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who they signed to an offer sheet this past offseason.

If you remember correctly, La Canfora wrote back in mid August that he thought the Steelers might trade away Jerricho Cotchery and we all knew that wouldn’t happen.

The Steelers chose to match the offer sheet Sanders signed in lieu of receiving a third-round draft pick, so unless they were to get that or more moving forward, they would be silly to trade him now.

Should Sanders move on during the offseason, the Steelers stand to receive a high compensatory draft for 2015 that more than likely would be of the third-round variety. It’s not like Sanders’ salary is killing them right now and without him they would be forced to play Cotchery or Derek Moye as the third wide receiver.

Besides, would the Patriots really trade away a draft pick now for a player that is willing to test the free agency market after the season? Just as the Steelers could lose him next offseason, so too could the Patriots. It just doesn’t sound like a move Bill Belichick would be willing to make.

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