Check Out The Newest No-Draft Fantasy Football Platform

Alright Pittsburgh Steelers fans! After an amazing preseason Beta in right here in Pittsburgh, along with Buffalo and Green Bay, is set to launch their weekly fantasy football platform for the regular season. This unique platform is open to anyone, requires no signup or commitment. Play as much or as little as you want.One of the new aspects that PoundFF is bringing to fantasy football is the introduction of the challenge board. Know a friend or that person on twitter who just thinks they know everything about football, make them prove it. You can invite as many people as you’d like, create pretty much whatever stakes you can come up with, and the challenge invite will be sent right to their social media or email. So if someone’s got a dirty car in need of washing, make that loudmouth who’s always wrong wash it with a challenge.

Challenge games include weekly fantasy or pick 6 lineups.

If you just want to just pop in and test your skills against the experts, bloggers, and other fans, PoundFF has open leagues to include preseason champs along with bloggers and some of your favorite twitter celebs.

Whether you’re creating your own league or joining one, PoundFF is where the wide-open realm of social media meets fantasy football. It’s fantasy for fans by fans. Give it a shot and challenge your friends.

Pop into the Pittsburgh PreseasonGM champ’s league here to see how you stack up in the regular season.

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