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William Gay Predicts Ten Interceptions For The Steelers Cornerbacks In 2013

According to Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay predicts the cornerbacks can register ten interceptions in 2013.

Being that Gay, Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen have all combined to intercept 26 passes in 18 combined years played, that\’s quite a lofty goal. In fact, the last time Steelers cornerbacks combined to have that many interceptions in a regular season was in 2000 when Dewayne Washington and Chad Scott each had five.

During his Saturday press conference, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked about Gay\’s prediction.

“I really think when it comes to interceptions, it\’s not about the number you get; it\’s about what you do with the opportunities that you get,” said Tomlin. “I base my opinion in regards to interceptions based on the number of opportunities. So as long as we\’re catching our share of the opportunities, I think that\’s what\’s important.

“Quite frankly, you can play great ball sometimes and just based on how quarterbacks operate; you\’re not going to have opportunities to pick the ball off. So I think measuring DBs or units solely on interception numbers is somewhat inaccurate, in my opinion.”

If the Steelers cornerbacks are going to take advantage of their opportunities in an effort to intercept ten balls this season, you would have to figure that Allen would be the one to lead the way. Last season he registered the first two of his career, and they both came in the Week 16 game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

As for Gay, his career high in a season is two. Taylor? If he gets two in one season that will be reason enough to celebrate. Ten? I won\’t hold my breath for that, and I don\’t believe Tomlin will either.

Maybe Gay thinks Rod Woodson has been hanging Latrobe these past few weeks because he\’s part of the team.

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