Steelers Unlikely To Trade Jonathan Dwyer

We won’t know for sure what the Pittsburgh Steelers final 53 man roster will look like for several more hours so that means the fate of running back Jonathan Dwyer currently remains up in the air.

I suggested on Twitter during the game against the Carolina Panthers that the Steelers should look into trading Dwyer to the New York Giants being as they lost Andre Brown to a broken leg. However, while that seems like a good idea, it is very unlikely to happen.

Dwyer signed a one-year, $1.323 million restricted tender during the offseason, so should the Giants trade for him; they would be on the hook for that contract in 2013. Now, they could get permission to try to work out an extension with the former sixth-round draft pick prior to acquiring him, but you just don’t see those kinds of things happen.

Dwyer only has three accrued seasons in the league, so he would be subject to the waiver process if indeed the Steelers decide to part ways with him on Saturday. Should a team claim him off waivers, that team would then be on the hook for that $1.323 million in 2013. However, should Dwyer clear waivers, then he would be able to negotiate a new contract with any team that he wants to.

There is no guarantee that Dwyer is even on the outs with the Steelers right now, but if he is, the team will have just have to waive him outright, because I just can’t see another team trading for that salary and a contract that ends after the season.

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