Steelers Punter Battle Still Tight After First Preseason Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers punting battle figures to last throughout the entire preseason as veteran Brian Moorman is attempting to unseat the second-year Drew Butler. Following the first preseason game Saturday evening against the New York Giants, it\’s still too early to tell who is ahead of who.

Butler punted three times in the game for a 48-yard average and a 36-yard net on two punts as the third was blocked thanks to DaMon Cromartie-Smith whiffing on a block. One of Butler\’s other two punts went into the end zone for a touchback. As far as his hang time on those two punts, Pro Football Focus has his average at 4.7 seconds.

Moorman on the other hand, punted four times and while his 43.5 average was less than that of Butler\’s, his 38.5 net average was better. Also better was his hang time average of 5.2 seconds. In addition, only one of his four punts was returned, and he was credited with one inside in 20-yard-line.

Monday night against the Washington Redskins the two will begin the second round of their battle. Moorman said a while ago that he chose to sign with the Steelers because he was promised he would have a chance to compete for the job. So far, he appears to be doing just that.

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