Steelers Animated Gif: S DaMon Cromartie-Smith Allows Easy Blocked Punt

If Pittsburgh Steelers safety DaMon Cromartie-Smith expects to make the 53 man roster this year, he is going to have to do so by playing great on special teams. Early in the Saturday night loss to the New York Giants, he didn\’t.

On the Steelers first punt of the game, Giants rookie defensive end Damontre Moore blew past Cromartie-Smith inside move on the right side of the Steelers punt formation for an easy punt block.

The animated gif below shows just how simple of move Moore used and how the Steelers safety didn\’t even look to touch him before falling to the ground.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said it best following the loss.

“Just the errors, the Steelers defeating the Steelers, said Tomlin. “Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be characterized as part of August football but I’m not buying that. I think that we can set the bar higher than that for the first time out, you would like to think. But we didn’t tonight, so we need to make those corrections. We can’t be penalized, we can’t have punts blocked, we can’t make poor decisions from a fielding of the ball standpoint. All of those things happened and we need to fix it.”

The Steelers have a lot of things to fix on special teams and new coordinator Danny Smith has a lot to get done over the course of the next few weeks.

DaMon Cromartie-Smith Punt Block Giants

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