Jarvis Jones Names Greg Lloyd As His All-Time Favorite Steelers Player

There have been a lot of great linebackers that have played for the Pittsburgh Steelers over the years and rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones told safety Ryan Clark during an interview for ESPN that Greg Lloyd is his all-time favorite.

“When I first got the jersey No. 95, I heard so much talk about Greg Lloyd, so I had to go research him and see who it was and I found out he went to school at Fort Valley University, 45 minutes away from where I\’m from,” said Jones, who was born in Richland, GA. “And then he was playing here with the Steelers, so it has to be Greg Lloyd. He\’s a beast and he\’s just an all-out linebacker so hopefully I can wear his number proudly.”

When Jones researched Lloyd, he probably discovered that he registered 53.5 sacks over the course of his 10 years in Pittsburgh, so he certainly picked a good all-time favorite to strive to be like. Being a Steelers linebacker of course comes with a lot of pressure and Jones told Clark he certainly feels it since arriving in Pittsburgh.

“It\’s very much a challenge, because our linebackers are held at such a high level on this team and so many greats have gone on before me and wore this uniform and done some great things,” said Jones. “So it\’s definitely a challenge being a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For me, I want to be considered one of those greats, so I\’m going to challenge myself to be as good as them or in that category.”

Jones will get a chance to challenge himself once again Monday night against the Washington Redskins as he looks to take what he learned last week in his NFL debut against the New York Giants and improve upon it.

You can watch the full interview below as Jones also talks about playing in SEC at Georgia as well as his transition into the NFL.

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