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Steelers RB Le\’Veon Bell Is Not Old Enough To Get First Team Reps

So, remember that message that the Pittsburgh Steelers coaches were apparently sending rookie Le\’Veon Bell during the first practice of training camp? Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider reports that running backs coach Kirby Wilson said the rotation was based on age.

That\’s right, Bell, who is all of 21 years old, is the youngest running back on the team and thus that\’s the reason he was last in the rotation today. Isaac Redman is the oldest running back on the roster, so he was atop the depth chart today.

While none of the media asked head coach Mike Tomlin about the running back rotation following practice specifically, his answer to the question about Al Woods continuing to receive second-team snaps at nose tackle pretty much says it all as far as who is getting reps in front of who during the early stages of training camp.

“We are at the very beginning stages of trying to identify the 53 plus eight practice squad players and the division of labor within that,” said Tomlin. “So I wouldn\’t read too much into who\’s running with what group and things of that nature at this point. Really it\’s probably irrelevant. There\’s probably going to be plenty of time to ascend and descend within these ranks.”

So there you go. In order for Bell to start receiving first team reps, he just needs to age quickly.

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