Steelers RB Isaac Redman Sort Of Remembers His Welcome To The NFL Moment

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Isaac Redman was asked during a recent fan Q & A session on if he remembers what his welcome to the NFL moment was on the field and the former undrafted free agent out of Bowie State said that he did.

“One game I got a concussion, Sunday Night Football against the Bengals,” started Redman. “Ben (Roethlisberger) had thrown an interception and when I was trying to make a tackle one of the Bengals hit me in the helmet. I remember Heath Miller standing over me saying “Red, Red.” He was asking if I was okay. I told him yeah, and got up and had a concussion. That was my welcome to the NFL moment.”

Redman recollection of the incident is mostly it right, however, that game took place on a Monday night and not a Sunday night. I have pulled the clip from that attempted tackle and made an animated gif of it below and you can see why Redman likely had his days confused.

The Steelers won that game 27-21.

Steelers Isaac Redman 2010 Concussion Bengals Animated GIF

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