Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Says South Side Is A Dangerous Place After Hours

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers trip Monday to Dave & Busters to build a little team unity, head coach Mike Tomlin held a press conference and talked about the early Saturday morning stabbing of tackle Mike Adams during an attempted carjacking.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tomlin said he visited the second-year tackle in the hospital over the weekend, and that he is expected to be allowed to go home within the next 24 hours. Tomlin also said that Adams would then need about six weeks worth of recovery time before he can resume football activities.

As far as the stabbing incident itself, Tomlin carefully stated how the community as whole needs to recognize that the South Side can be a dangerous place after hours and that precautions need to be taken so that hopefully nothing like this ever happens again to anyone in the community moving forward.

“We recognize the world we live in, things like this are capable of happening — not that we accept it — we just understand it\’s capable of happening,” Tomlin said, per the report.

He added: “It goes beyond the team. I just think as members of this community we need to recognize some things going on in the South Side that make it a dangerous place — particularly after hours — and we all need to take proper precautions, and hopefully as a community we\’ll take the steps necessary to make sure that this doesn\’t happen to anyone — whether it\’s a Pittsburgh Steeler or not.”

It\’s obvious that Tomlin is trying to send a message to the team here about how better judgment needs to be used moving forward, especially as it relates to being on the streets of the South Side in the wee hours of the morning.

The Steelers will resume practice on Tuesday and wrap up their third and final OTA session on Thursday.

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