Should The Steelers Ever Consider Being On Hard Knocks?

It was announced on Sunday that the Cincinnati Bengals will again be featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks which means that we can likely expect to see former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison get some face time as the cameras follow his new team from the start of training camp up until the final cut down day. That should make for some interesting segments for sure.

I have always enjoyed the mini series, but at the same time am glad that the Steelers have decided not to ever partake in it as I think it would serve as an unneeded distraction.

My thoughts aside, where do you weigh in on this topic? Do you think the process would serve as a distraction? Do you hope that one day the Steelers will decide to be the focus of the series?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and cast your vote in the attached poll.

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