The Age Old Steelers Mount Rushmore Discussion

Pro Football Talk is doing a 32-part series this month that features a Mount Rushmore for each of the NFL teams. This question has been beat to death over the years, but in the case of the Pittsburgh Steelers, it always produces great discussion as there are so many members of the organization that one could argue as a candidate to be one of the four faces of the franchise.

I think that everyone would agree that Art Rooney Sr. has to be one of the four faces on a Steelers Mount Rushmore. If you disagree, make your argument for leaving him off below.

Once you get past “The Chief, however, that\’s when you really start to see fans differ in opinion. You can\’t leave Chuck Noll or Joe Greene off a Steelers Mount Rushmore, can you? If so, how?

Ok, now it\’s your turn. List your four faces of the Steelers organization below and also list a second version of a Steelers Mount Rushmore that only features former players.

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