Steelers 2013 Rookie Camp Comes And Goes Without Any Serious Injuries

41 players came to the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers rookie camp and most reports suggest 41 players left without suffering a serious injury. That in itself made the first real Steelers practices of the offseason a success.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin best summed up the rookie camp on Saturday after practice.

“This is an instructional camp and obviously there are some things that we are evaluating, but primarily just giving and receiving of information, working with the young people, just laying a foundation for their careers and our football here in 2013,” Tomlin said. “We\’re excited about it, guys are working hard, it\’s been a productive weekend thus far.”

Tomlin was asked if anyone stood out to him after the first few days of practice and of course he didn\’t bite.

“Not really,” said Tomlin. “More than anything it\’s just familiarizing yourself with the young men and how they learn and how they move, areas in which they may be deficient and things of that nature. It\’s more of a get-to-know more than anything else as opposed to looking for anyone to distinguish themselves. Obviously it\’s football in shorts.”

The Steelers next football in shorts event will take place in just a matter of a few weeks as the rookies and veterans will be back in Pittsburgh for the first OTA session that gets underway on May 21.

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