Ryan Clark Thinks Troy Polamalu Is Third Best Safety In The NFL

On the Monday episode of NFL Live on ESPN, Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark was asked to rank his top five safeties in the league and below are his rankings.

1. Earl Thomas

2. Dashon Goldson

3. Troy Polamalu

4. Eric Weddle

5. Jarius Byrd

Here is what Clark had to say while ranking Troy Polamalu at No. 3.

“This was a decision for me, because here is a guy that I really want to put at number one, but he\’s had some injuries over the past few years and hasn\’t been as a effective,” said Clark. “He\’s a guy I feel like can be number one if we get him back fully healthy. Anticipation, just innate ability to know the snap count, or know where receivers want to go, know where a quarterback wants to throw the ball. He\’s been an awesome player for years and years in this league.”

I was pretty surprised that Clark left Ed Reed off of his list, but Darren Woodson, who was then asked to rank his top five, had Reed at No.5 and included Clark at No. 4 on his list below.

1. Earl Thomas

2. Dashon Goldson

3. Jarius Byrd

4. Ryan Clark

5. Ed Reed

Rank your top five safeties below in the comments.

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