Looking To Add Another Writer Prior To Training Camp

Training camp is right around the corner for the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have decided that now is a good time to bring on another writer for the site being as traffic has jumped tremendously over the last two years.

For starters, I only want serious inquiries from people that are willing to be dedicated to adding quality content to the site. Your grammar and writing skills must be far better than my own, as I already spend enough time editing my work.

In addition, you need to be very in tune with the Steelers and able to come up with your own topics to write about. If you don\’t have a solid grasp of the team, it won\’t be hard for me to tell as this is all that I do for 20 hours a day.

Speculation in your writing is certainly fine, but it must be backed up with solid reasoning as the readers here have come to expect that over the years. In other words, keep it realistic.

You should also be aware by now that I am bipolar and as a result of that I don\’t communicate well at times. Consider that a disclaimer.

If you are wanting to submit fluff and expect to get paid for it, you will not last long, but if you are aspirations are to get into media or journalism, I have the platform here that will get your work read.

For those of you that have made this far, you can contact me here, and we will take it from there.

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