2013 Draft

Steelers 2013 NFL Draft – Five Questions For Our Readers

The 2013 NFL draft gets underway on Thursday, so we will throw out five questions for you to answer that ought to produce some pretty interesting answers in the comments. Most of these questions are related to the Pittsburgh Steelers specifically.

1. Mike Mayock recently released his top 100 prospects heading into the draft. Of his top 40 players, name five that you believe do not belong there.

2. Now that you have removed five from the Mayock top 40, name five players that are not in his top 40 that should be there.

3. The Steelers are currently scheduled to make eight selections in the draft. Will they come away with eight draft picks, or thanks to draft day trades, will they have more or less drafted player?

4.  How many wide receivers will be off the board by the time the Steelers pick in the second round, assuming they stay put in that round. Name those wide receivers off the board.

5. Will the Steelers draft a quarterback during the draft, and if so, which quarterback do you believe they will select?

Number your answers below in the comments for easy viewing.

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