2013 Salary Cap

Possible Breakdown Of Three Year Contract Signed By Steelers NT Steve McLendon

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Thursday that Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon signed a three-year deal with a max value of $7.25 million that included $1.675 million signing bonus that will pay him $5 million in the first two years of the deal.

We do not know the exact breakdown of the contract as of yet, but if the signing bonus number, and the two year take are indeed correct, that could mean McLendon receives a base salary of $1.325 million in 2013, $2 million in 2014 and $2.25 million in 2015.

If the above numbers hold true, the 2013 cap hit for McLendon would be $1,883,333, which would be $560,333 more than his scheduled $1.323 million tender. In 2014, McLendon\’s cap number would be 2,558,333 and in 2015 it would be $2,808,333

The Steelers entered Thursday with $742,760.00 in available cap space and based on the above numbers, if they hold true, they would have $182,426.67 in cap space available to them.

We aren\’t likely to know the real numbers until they are filed with the NFLPA, but as soon as they become available I will update this post if different than mentioned.

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