Antonio Brown On Emmanuel Sanders – \”Steelers Don\’t Like Guys That Don\’t Do Things Their Way\”

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was a guest Friday afternoon on SiriusXM NFL Radio and was asked to give his thoughts on whether or not he believes restricted free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will be back next season after signing a one year, $2.5 million offer sheet with the New England Patriots.

Brown basically said that he doesn\’t think that Sanders will be back in 2013, and while the first part of his answer to the question was inaudible due to a bad cell phone connection, the second part wasn\’t.

“I don\’t think that they (the Steelers) really like guys that don\’t do things their way,” said Brown. “There\’s a certain professional way that they go about their business and I don\’t think that they make decisions with guys that don\’t go about things in the way that they should. So in my opinion, I don\’t think he\’ll come back. It\’s just not smart to get a guy for one year at a price that you can get a guy for four years.”

I am not sure what Brown was really trying to elude to with his comments and unfortunately he was not asked to clarify them. Whatever he was trying to say, it sounds like he thinks the Steelers have some sort of a problem with the way Sanders handles his business.

I don\’t think that Brown has any inside information in regard to the Steelers decision on Sanders, as they certainly haven\’t consulted with him, but Brown didn\’t sound optimistic about his fellow draft classmate being in black and gold next season.

We will know for sure by Monday at the latest.

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