2013 Draft

2013 NFL Draft – Five Things That Will Surprise Me

The 2013 NFL draft is finally here and this morning I will share the five things that will surprise me over the course of the next several days, not only with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the draft as a whole.

1. I have beat this horse to death and I will beat it one last time. The last time that two “true” guards were drafted within the first 16 picks of the first round was 30 years ago. I will admit, if ever there was a year that the trend could be broken, this would be the year, but it will still surprise me nonetheless. Should this indeed wind up happening it will really show how weak that this draft class is at the top.

2. I am not going to as far to say that the Steelers will not draft a tight end at all this weekend as a trade to acquire a few picks would increase the chances of it happening. However, I will be surprised if one is taken in the first four rounds regardless. General manager Kevin Colbert said during his pre draft press conference that they insulated the position by signing back Matt Spaeth and David Johnson this offseason. When you throw in the fact that they probably haven\’t given up completely on David Paulson, along with the fact that Heath Miller shouldn\’t have to miss the first six weeks of the season on PUP, I just can\’t see them drafting Tyler Eifert in round one. If indeed they do draft Eifert, then perhaps Miller is worse off than I really think that he is and that will certainly be concerning to all of us.

3. I will be surprised if the Steelers don\’t come away with a running back in the first three rounds. Colbert has blasted the running back group all offseason, and as we sit here today, the Steelers still only have three running backs under contract for the 2013 season. How many do suppose they will also add as undrafted free agents? They need bodies.

4. I understand that this is a very weak quarterback class, but teams flinch and reach when it comes to the position. With that being said, I will be surprised if only one quarterback is drafted in the first round. I just don\’t know who that second one will be.

5. As far as the Steelers go with quarterbacks, I will also be surprised if they draft one in the first five rounds unless they work a trade to acquire more picks. Personally, I\’d much rather them not draft one at all and instead sign one or two after the draft. Sean Renfree and Ryan Griffin are two intriguing prospects and there is a good chance that one, if not both, wind up going undrafted. The Steelers signed Bruce Gradkowski for a reason and the last I heard, Ben Roethlisberger isn\’t going anywhere anytime soon and should even get an extension next offseason.

Now it\’s your turn. List a few things that you would be surprised to see on draft day, not only with the Steelers, but the draft as a whole.

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