Former Steelers RB Chris Rainey Claims January Release Was Lesson To Team

Tuesday was the Pro Day for the University of Florida and former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Chris Rainey was on hand to support a few of his former college teammates, and perhaps let NFL teams know that he is still looking for employment.

Rainey was apparently asked about his quick release from the Steelers following his January arrest for simple battery and his reply was one you wouldn\’t necessarily expect to hear.

“I guess they probably wanted to teach everybody else a lesson or something,” Rainey said, via an Associated Press report. “That\’s how I look at it.”

The Steelers released Rainey well before he had his day in court that resulted in him pleading no contest to disorderly conduct after the charges were reduced due inconsistent eyewitness reports. It was, however, Rainey\’s second arrest in less than 30 months and the Steelers likely saw a trend that they didn\’t see going in the right direction.

Rainey also had another interesting response when asked what he had learned from the January incident.

“Just don\’t make a scene outside,” Rainey said. “That\’s all.”

The Steelers fifth-round draft pick from last April probably should have taken a little bit of a higher road then trying to come off as the victim. Maybe he should consider that the Steelers were trying to teach him a lesson, and not team, like he suggested.

With the start of free agency now underway, Rainey will more than likely have to wait a while until a team tries to sign him. He thinks that one will eventually give him a second chance at some point, however.

“I\’m just being patient, man, that\’s all,” Rainey said. “I know free agency is today. I\’m just wanting my agent to give me that phone call.”

It had to be a little awkward for Rainey on Tuesday, nonetheless, as Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert and head coach Mike Tomlin were also present at the Pro Day to scout the players, according to the report, that did not indicate whether or not Rainey talked to his former employers.

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